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Owner’s engineering and project management as a service

Energy sector investment projects like photovoltaic, wind and combined heat and power plants, thermal power plants, heat only boiler houses, oil production units, refineries or alike are usually executed by two different methods:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) – general contracting method, where one general contractor is responsible for turn-key delivery;
  • EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) – project management method, where professional project management consultant leads the project on behalf of the client.

With EPC method, the client or project developer concludes turnkey contract in order to have ready-to-run plant. The client can  minimize the risks and control the process by applying experienced owner’s engineer for supervise various disciplines to ensure that the result is in conformity with the contract terms. At the same time the client has to take into account that the risks taken by the general contractor are reflected in the cost of the project.

With EPCM method, the client hires project management consultant which helps him upon the conclusion with various contracts (for example, in case of combined heat and power plant approximately 50 different contract packages), coordination between works at site, construction supervision disciplines and management of the whole project. Difference from EPC is that all risks related to the project are borne by the client itself, which lowers the cost of the project ca 10 to 15 % compared to EPC model.

Nomine Consult is experienced with both methods.

Assistance with procurement

We create assumptions in a way that procurements organized by us receive comparable, appropriate and advantageous tenders. This usually consists several parts, ordered all together or separately:

  • procurement planning consultancy;
  • finding possible tenderers;
  • preparing tender documents (including for public procurements);
  • comparing received tenders, supporting in communication and helping to determine the best tender;
  • participating in the contract negotiations to support the client in order to conclude good procurement contract;

Our experiences enable our clients to buy what they are looking for, not what the Contractor wants to sell.

Design documentation control

We review the construction documentation submitted by designer, check the certificates of conformity of the equipment and products and assess the competence of subcontractors.

Owner’s supervision at site

We perform owner’s supervision at the construction site by all important disciplines (civil, welding, mechanical, electrical, I&C, HSEQ and other), participate at the construction site meetings, monitor the performance of the contract and overall project progress and periodically report to the client.

Warranty period supervision

We monitor that all identified defects (punch items) are completed during agreed period, prepare the reports of warranty period and perform supervision of warranty works.

Project management consultancy

Project management consultancy includes management of the whole project with all or part of above mentioned services which are usually tailored according to the client visions and wishes.

Lender’s engineer services

Lender’s engineer services comprises all or part of above mentioned services tailored according to the lender’s or banks needs.

  • Kaunas 24 MWel/70 MWth waste-to-energy+biomass combined heat and power plant, Lithuania, part of EPCM services
  • Vägari torrefied pellet production plant (157 000 t/a), Estonia, site management and civil supervision;
  • Auvere 300 MWel oil shale+biomass fired power plant, Estonia, part of OE services
  • Klaipeda 20 MWel/50MWth waste-to-energy+biomass combined heat and power plant, Lithuania, part of EPCM services
  • Lithuanian Power Plant 445 MWe CCGT project, Lithuania, part of OE services
  • Kiisa emergency and reserve 250 MWel power plant, Estonia, OE services


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