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Who we are

Nomine Consult is an independent advisory and engineering services company with offices in Tallinn and Võru, Estonia and in Vilnius, Lithuania. Company’s all shares belongs to private capital based investment firm. Nomine Consult was founded when Swedish based infrastructure consulting and engineering company ÅF (today AFRY) sold it’s Baltic consultancy business (companies in Estonia and Lithuania) in 2017 to the management of the companies.

In Estonia Nomine Consult OÜ acquired „Estivo“ trade marks and energy consultancy business started in 1993 with history, client agreements and employees. In Lithuania Nomine Consult UAB acquired energy consultancy business started in 2006 with history, client agreements and employees.

We have in our Estonian and Lithuanian offices more than 30 highly experienced consultants, most of them thermal, electrical, heating, ventilation, mechanical, civil, hydro-geology and environmental engineers. In both Estonia and Lithuania we are well-known and acknowledged as professional advisory services provider.

Our services are based on competence and acknowledgement of our professional liability. We are our client’s first choice because they can always trust on our core values.

Nomine Consult quality and environmental management system is in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our mission

Nomine Consult provides competent, unbiased and innovative advisory and engineering services in the fields of energy and the environment.

Our core values

  • Quality, competence and sustainability;
  • Flexibility, honesty and impartiality;
  • Operating according to valid legal acts and rules;
  • Orientation towards the achievement of established goals;
  • Safe working conditions and making conscious decisions towards the environment;
  • Continuous improvement of quality and environmental management systems.

Our brand story

In nomine comes in origin from Latin and means in the name of.

Our name reflects that

  • we at Nomine want to be nominated by our clients as their partner
  • usually we act in the name of of our clients
  • we are named by our partners as reliable, honest and punctual

“Nomine Consult” brand is registered trade mark.

Why us

  • EXPERIENCEwe started 1993 – 3 decades of continuous service;
  • PROFESSIONALITY AND COMPETENCEif to add skills with long experience and continuous learning ability;
  • INDEPENDENCE and IMPARTIALITYwe do not have connections to any equipment producer, supplier or any other interest group;
  • QUALITYwe have never advertised our services, our work results has been speaking for us instead;
  • HONESTY, ACCURACY and RELIABILITYat first advisor sells trust, which is hard to achieve but easy to lost;
  • CONFIDENTIALITYwe do not chat about our clients’ business;
  • KEEPING PROMISESwe say what we think and we do what we say.

Future. Advised since 1993.

Nomine Consult OÜ

Tallinn office:
Akadeemia tee 21/4
12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: + 372 605 3150

Võru office:
Oja tn 1
65609 Võru, Estonia
Phone: + 372 782 8230

Nomine Consult UAB

Vilnius office:
J. Tumo-Vaižganto g. 8-1
LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 210 7210

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