Energy audit, energy label, thermography

We conduct energy audits since 2005.

We issue energy labels since 2009.

We perform thermal inspection with thermal camera FLUKE Ti30. A thermal camera that is operating on infrared wavelength is an important device that enables to detect heat losses in buildings and determine the thermo technical condition of the boundaries of buildings. As a result of thermal inspection, there will be prepared a report that includes in addition to thermal images also the digital images for better monitoring, and if necessary, image analysis and summary/proposals.

We have conducted energy audits and issued energy labels mainly for apartment buildings, business buildings, schools, public buildings, spa enterprises and swimming pools. Our competence enables us to conduct energy audits also for industrial buildings and equipment.

We have conducted thermal inspections for the techno parks (switchboards, various pumps, etc.) of the enterprises, to determine the location of hot water pipelines in walls and heat pipelines in concrete floors when the owner does not have the as-built drawings.

Currently valid format of energy audit report of residential buildings provides that the energy audit can be conducted only during the heating period, as it is necessary to perform during the energy audit the measuring of internal temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration of air.

Thermal inspection of a building gives a reliable result only in case the difference between the internal and external temperature is at least 15 °C; exterior walls have to by dry and there could be no direct sunlight shining on walls.

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